How will my child be grouped?

We are proud to be the only holiday camp to keep siblings and friends together!

Yes, at MuddyBoots camps we keep a high staff ratio regardless of your child’s age.

We will email you to ask about your child’s group – once we have received your response, we will form the groups and let you know what colour group your child will be in for the week.

Of course, we will always try and accommodate any groups requests, but it may not be possible if that request is late and the group is FULL, as our staff rations mean we cannot just squeeze in an extra child.

Grouping criteria:

  • Siblings
  • Friends
  • School

How will I know if my child is in the same group as his/her friends?

We would advise you to check with the other parents if the children are in the same colour group before contacting us.  It will save us administration time.

What if my child is placed in the wrong group?

Please email and we will make the changes.

What if my child attends the camp without their friends?

Do not worry at all, our staff always encourage children to get involved with small activities right away, which helps them to make friends in their group and builds confidence right from the start.

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