MuddyBoots Camp Kit List

What to bring to MuddyBoots Camps…

As most of the activities are outdoors based, we are asking parents / guardians to ensure children come to the Holiday Camp with the appropriate clothing.

There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.

We suggest that the children come dressed for the weather.

We suggest all children should come dressed in:

• Old trousers
• T-shirt
• Jumper or fleece
• Socks
• Shoes suitable for running around in, we suggest trainers.
• Winter gloves, hats and whatever is necessary to keep them warm. Yes we will be outside in the mornings unless it has been recommended to be indoors only.

Children should also bring:

In the Cold season:

• A waterproof coat with hood
• If possible, some waterproof trousers
• Spare trousers, jumper or fleece, t-shirt, socks, underwear and shoes
• A pair of welly boots

Children also need to bring a packed lunch with them if staying for the afternoon or full day. Please ensure the lunchbox is clearly labelled with your child’s name. There is a fridge if medicine or food need to be refrigerated, however, it must be labelled with your child’s name.

All our sites are NUT FREE so please do not pack any nuts.