The Values

Kids are the future stewards of our planet—yet they have fewer and fewer opportunities to be outdoors. Nature must be experienced to be fully appreciated. Spending time in a natural setting is a defining experience of our camps.
Whatever your child’s shape, size or skill level, MuddyBoots camps offer a range of activities that foster enjoyment of physical activity and counteract the effects of too much sitting and eating in our society today. It’s a lot easier to get motivated to be active when exciting, new activities available in Downside Common beautiful outdoors are right at our doorstep…especially if all your best friends are doing so, too!
Our arts activities involve, hand on doing, exploring, trial-and-error experimenting, trying out and manipulating. The focus and engagement in the present activity replaces a need to “make something”. The reward and pleasure are in the doing – whether it be singing, dancing, playing, cooking, colouring and others.